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Collection of solidarity plush toys in collaboration with the Altarriba Foundation - 5% of sales goes to support and help animals.
Range of animals in danger of extinction as well as friendly cats and dogs.

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Altarriba Foundation

The Altarriba Foundation

Animals are suffering terrible cruelty these days. Millions of them are sacrificed in intensive farms after leading a miserable life. They are used cruelly as entertainment, which clouds reasoning. They are removed from their natural habitats and are subject to degrading trade, after which most of them die. They are used in laboratories for experiments, to unimaginable extremes. People hunt them for fun.

They never get any peace, and not even pets, like cats and dogs. They are able to suffer. That is why we are asking you to help us fight against it all.

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Solidary flush toys

Philosophy and practice

The Altarriba Foundation is an organisation established with the exclusive aim of contributing to animal protection, either with actions and programmes that act in favour of them, or by developing educational and dissemination activities to influence society, in order to improve people's attitude towards animals and nature. All the resources are generated with these aims and their fulfilment depends on the available resources. The Altarriba Foundation is a completely independent NGO, which means that it is not connected to any institution or company, private or public. Any agreements or possible sponsorships do not condition its philosophy or action. The Altarriba Foundation considers that its work in favour of animals is integrated within the defence of nature and is also part of the defence of human beings, of the improvement of their education and their attitude towards our heritage - the Earth. We are aware that it is a complex and costly project to influence our society in order to achieve a more protectionist mentality towards animals. But that is our daily challenge and our invitation to everyone, and we employ all our strength, seriousness and honesty to achieve it.

When you buy an ALTARRIBA
plush toy you are contributing
to animal protection.
Thanks for your solidarity.

Wild animals
Artesavi Guarantees.
› All its products conform to CE safety regulations.
› All our plush toys undergo physical, toxicity and flammability tests.
› A rigorous selection of the fabrics and materials in order to obtain a product with a perfect finish.
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